Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In Wonderment

I bid you greetings on this most beautiful of days.  

Here I am in my man-chair overlooking the lake, forested shore, mountains, and enjoying a cup of the latest bean from Starbucks.  Gold Coast Blend, extra bold.  It's "a complex, full bodied and intense blend - our biggest and boldest offering."  All I know is it goes great with a side of Hershey's chocolate.  Oh Yeah!  Ah the simple pleasures of life.  

Which brings me to todays offering.  "In Wonderment."  I believe this came from one of those 60's looking boxes from Celestial Teas.  Enjoy.

"In Wonderment.  Children are our greatest teachers.  To practice gratefulness we need to let life surprise us with a glorious sunset, a luxurious back-rub, a mysterious phone call, or the kindness of a stranger." 

"The problem with adulthood is that we become jaded.  "Oh yes, another great sunset, another fabulous dinner, another birthday present."  We can recapture our sense of wonderment at any moment.  All it takes is to open our senses and let the world -  God's creation come into us anew.  And when we come into contact with wonderment we will know thankfulness for the most ordinary extraordinary things in life."

So when's the last time you let the simple things of life surprise you?  A sunrise, sunset, the fresh air after the rain, or just looking out across the lake with a hot cup of coffee?  I know it seems way too simple, but I really believe if more people took on the wonderment of children, and opened their senses to all that surrounds us, there'd be a lot less difficulty in relationships.

And it really doesn't matter where you live.  There's wonderment in every part of the country and world.  You don't have to be living on a lake in Alaska.  There is great wonderment in every corner of the largest city, rolling farmland, or desert.  We just have to open our senses and experience our surroundings.  Maybe it's the smile on a face or twinkle in the eye.  Perhaps it's the enjoyment of sitting in your man-chair enjoying a cup of coffee, or maybe it's the "In Wonderment" of tasting olives from your fingers!

So until next time, here's to living a life "In Wonderment!"




  1. Very very good, makes me think I need to watch the sun rise or set more often.

  2. The message at Youth Group last night was on the same thing! Josh used the passage in Kings about Rehoboam and how he started off correctly - listening to the counsel of the elders and of his peers... but then he started to worry about how he would look to his friends, instead of doing what he knew was right - he was worried about acting "young" - but that's one of our greatest gifts! Anyway =) I get excited when God reinforces His teachings.

    In other news, Jeremy will be home for a little while before he goes out fishing this summer with his fatherinlaw, so Monday or Tuesday night (june 8/9) we're having a family bar-b-que at our house in Anchorage - we'd love it if you and Aunt Tracie would come! I've only heard from Kelley - she says that Tuesday works for them. Let me know if you can come!

  3. I was thinking this morning about how we always salt on the enthusiasm when revealing the glory of any one of God's creations to the kids, I find myself constantly reivaluating and appreciating things in a way that I never have before............kind of like the way I enjoy a Dr.Pepper. =)