Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happiness Was Born A Twin

I bid you greetings on this most beautiful of days!

Schopenhaner said it, "Happiness was born a twin."  And nothing is quite so beautiful as when you share it with someone else.

That I think is the reason for this blog.    

The sharing of various aspects of "happiness" in random musings all while guzzling cups of coffee from my favorite "coffee-head" mug.  And thus the name of the blog - Get it? As in "I've Bean There Too!  

Coffee is the curious thing don't you think?  What other beverage have so many gathered around, shared, discussed, argued over, experimented with, added to, charged so much for, and created so many careers.

Personally, I'm a traditionalist.  I like my coffee (depending on the bean), medium to strong and black.  No sugar, no creamer, no flavor.  And oh no! I'm not a coffee bigot.  So if you're a diluter or additionalist, I may not understand you, but I will accept and forgive you. 

In coming blogs, I'll be sharing and commenting on some of my favorite sayings and quotes all with a friendly cup of coffee at my side.  Some sayings and/or musings may be spiritual, some not, but feel free to add your own thoughts, comments, and or opinions.  Try to keep in mind however the overriding theme; "Happiness was born a twin," and the fact it's a beautiful thing when sharing that happiness.  

So for today, whatever that thing is that causes happiness to well-up within you, remember it's never really fully blossomed until you share it with someone.  

Oh man!  After reading this, I think I'm turning into a woman!  Ahhhh!

I'm signing off for now  - I need to head for the shooting range and fire off a hundred rounds with the SKS and 44 Mag.



  1. Who says women don't need to shoot off a few hundred rounds every once in a while???

    Looking forward to getting to know you better through your blog. And here is mine:

    Give your beautiful young bride a big hug for me!

  2. This is wonderful, I'm looking forward to reading more and to being lifted by your hapiness and increased in mine.

    Love your son,

  3. Hey KB,
    You run out of ammo in your quest to become less feminine give PeeWee a call. He can re-load them for you and the coffees' always on around here.
    Take Care and give a hug to Tracey for me.